Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You say Kaftan, I say Caftan

I have decided to rock a lot of Caftan's this summer. I think they are perfect. They remind me of Morocco and I will feel exotic sitting on my deck in decidedly non-exotic Northern Westchester. There are a couple of gorgeous options online on Neiman Marcus, and a couple of cheapo options courtesy of Calypso for Target. Speaking of Calypso for Target, I plan on buying the entire line. Sold. No questions asked. The little girls dresses are BEYOND. The line for Women is perfect for knocking around town with the kids this summer. When I lived in NYC, Calypso was my fave, fave store. When Z-Man and I first started dating his (now our) dog Mario ate a full length lavender cashmere cardigan I had just acquired. As my revenge I convinced Z-Man to have Mario fixed. Bye-bye Calypso cashmere, bye-bye Balls.

If I happen to magically lose the rest of the baby weight, tone my legs and belly without actually spending a minute in the gym, then screw the Caftan. I am going to be in shorts so short you can see my c-section scar.


Z-Man said...

I'm thinkin' I'd offer the rest of Mario's genitalia for the short shorts, even if you don't hit the gym.... deal??

Richard said...

Mario ate cashmere? OK. I say go for the Kaftans. They'd look great on you. I see girls in short-shorts on the street, and think they're one camel-toe's step away from letting it just all fall out. And with the cowboy boots, ugh! Am I missing something? Without the long sleek hot model legs, it's not really a good look.

Anonymous said...

I know. That shorts and boots look is TIRED. We should also take note of the fact that I am 40. No matter what shape the legs are in, a Caftan is gorgeous on women my age. Boho chic.

Z-Man said...

I guess I'm a decade too late for the short shorts, even if your gym dream comes true... It's all good, I'd love you wearing a burlap sack.. which isn't too far off from these Caftans.